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Google Maps Marketing Houston

In order to establish and grow your business’s online presence, you will need to develop and optimize your Google Business Listing. This listing is how you will get your company to appear on Google Maps. At Houston Small Business Marketing, our Google map marketing experts will optimize your Google My Business profile. Ranking higher on Google Maps listing is a key factor in building an effective local SEO marketing strategy. Our goal is to help your business show up on one of the top listings for all local areas that you provide services to. Don’t let your competitors outrank you on local Google maps listings, instead work with our team to increase your visibility and improve your ranking.

Houston Google Maps Managment

An effective Google maps marketing strategy will include developing, optimizing, and managing your business listing. In order to do this our team will develop unique Google posts, respond to and manage your online reviews, post fresh content frequently on your company’s social media accounts, build high quality backlinks, and optimize your local citations. This will all play a role in legitimizing your business and proving to Google that you are an expert in your field, which will improve your ranking. As Google also shows Google Maps listing in search results, featuring in the top Google Maps results not only attracts potential customers to your business but also increases call volume, makes it simple to get directions to your location, and increases traffic to your website.

When building your Google Business and Google Maps profile, it is important to optimize your listings by filling out all of the information they ask from you. Our team is familiar with the most relevant keywords for your industry, can identify the proper location details for the areas you serve, and can maintain the proper tone when responding to Google reviews to enhance your profile. This is a way to grow quickly among competitors who have little to no understanding of Google. Learn more about the Google map marketing services we offer and how they could help you gain new customers. Contact us today at 713-492-0025 or request a quote.


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    Houston Google Map Marketing Services

    For businesses looking to attract local customers, optimizing your Google Business Listing is critical. We can help your company develop your account in order to increase visibility on your local Google Maps.

    Google Maps Marketing Houston


    Common questions about Google Maps

    How do I rank higher on Google Maps?

    There are many benefits to having your business rank highly on Google Map Listings that are attractive to business owners. Google Map listings give you the opportunity to immediately increase the visibility of your company to locals around you.

    Anytime someone does a local search for a business in their area, they will see a map with the top 3 businesses Google thinks are relevant to their search showing in the “Google 3-pack”. This Google 3-pack will provide quick links for users to visit your website, call your business, or get directions to your location. Meaning that while ranking highly on Google map listings can increase the traffic to your website, it also can help online users connect directly to you via phone, or requesting directions.

    There are two main factors that go into determining your placement on Google map listings. These factors are the distance between the person searching and your company, as well as how well managed your Google Business Listing is. We work with companies to ensure they are doing everything they can to optimize their Google Business Listing, so that they are in the top placements for everyone in their local area.

    How Do I Verify My Business On Google?

    In order to have control over your Google Business Listing, you will either need to create or claim your business listing. Once this account has been created and all of the information has been filled out in regards to your location, phone number, address, hours, business description, and more- you will be given an option to “verify your listing.”

    You will either be able to choose an over-the-phone verification or a postcard that is mailed to the listed address. In some situations your company will be required to verify both your phone number and address in order to get your account verified and your business listing completed.

    Verifying your account is an important step in optimizing your Google business listing and getting control over your account to manage it. If another person has control over your listing they will be able to make changes, delete the listing, and respond directly to reviews left for your company.

    If you have not created, claimed, or verified your Google business listing, contact the team at Houston Small Business Marketing today. We will help you take the proper steps to improve your placement on Google Map Listings, through your Google business listing.

    What Is A Google Map Listing?

    A Google Map listing is the listing that is associated with a business and appears on Google Maps of local businesses in close proximity to online users. These map listings can either be to show users all businesses within a certain area, or all businesses of a similar industry within a certain area. Your Google Business Listing will be connected to your Google Map Listing.

    The resulting Google Map Listing includes a business’ name, address, phone number and website. This business listing information is available through a variety of Google properties — including Google Maps and is a helpful tool for pairing customers with businesses near them.

    Whenever your Google Map Listing is selected by a local user, they will be given quick links to visit your website, call your company directly, and to get directions to your location. This will help to boost your visibility and encourage online users to learn more about your business.

    If your business is failing to show up on Google Map Listings you are missing out on potential customers looking for businesses like yours in your local area. Let us help you get the results you need to succeed and outrank your competitors.

    How to fix a Google map listing?

    Whenever you notice a problem with your Google Map Listing, this can be a major cause of concern. If your listing has incorrect information such as the wrong address, phone number, hours, or anything else- it has the potential to interfere with potential customers interested in your services.

    Whenever you see an error you can either suggest an edit, change the information through your Google Business Listing, or contact a Google agent. Anyone is able to edit or change a business listing, making it especially important for businesses to monitor and manage their Google Map Listing.

    When you work with our Google Maps marketing team in Houston, we can help monitor your account for changes made by others. On rare occasions, business owners may have to deal with competitors or disgruntled customers trying to make incorrect changes to their listing to interfere with their business.

    If you are struggling to update your information, contact our office today. We will help you get the most accurate and up-to-date information on your Google Map Listing.

    How to improve your Google map business listing?

    Improving your Google Map Listing first begins by improving your Google Business Listing. This is done by completely filling out all of the information in your profile; making weekly Google My Business posts; adding new photos- including Google 360 photos of your space; receiving and replying to reviews; and much more.

    This information all will go into optimizing your Google Business Listing, which directly influences your Google Map Listing placement. At Houston Small Business Marketing, we develop and manage our client’s Google Business and Google Map Listings. Do not get left behind by your competitors because you are not utilizing your Google Listings to their full potential.

    Whether you are a new business, or an established business looking to improve your placement online and increase your visibility to local users looking for your services, we can help! Contact Houston Small Business Marketing to get the help you need.

    Do Google Maps help with SEO?

    The goal with both your Google Map Listing and company website’s SEO is expanding your reach online and growing your audience. Whenever you have a fully optimized and well managed Google Map Listing, you will appear at the top of search results more frequently. This will immediately help you to increase your visibility.

    By appearing at the top of search engine results you will increase the traffic brought to your website, making your Google Map Listing have a direct impact on your Local SEO. If you fail to stay on top of your Google Business Listing, you will be left behind by your competitors.

    At Houston Small Business Marketing we will help you to create, claim, verify, and manage your Google Listing. Our team works hard to continuously improve your placement on local Google Maps by adding new photos, responding to reviews, and keeping your information up to date on your business listing.

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