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Law Firm SEO Houston

There are hundreds of law firms located in Houston, which can make it difficult for these individual firms to stand out among their competitors to attract new clients. While this is an issue that can occur anywhere, it is especially difficult in a city as large and full of competing businesses as Houston. Luckily, the world of online marketing is making it easier than ever before to match qualified attorneys and law firms to online users near them that have shown an organic interest in the services they provide.

A company that focuses on SEO marketing for Law Firms in Houston will be able to utilize many different techniques at once to bring your company’s placement to the top of Google’s search results. The methods we use to boost our clients visibility online include local SEO, targeted content marketing, Google Maps marketing, pay per click management, online reputation management, social media marketing, and responsive web design. When these efforts are combined, your company will rise to the top online, connecting you with more potential clients than ever before.

Do not get left behind by your competitors because the world of online marketing is foreign to you. Instead, take charge of your position online and work with HOUSBM to dominate your industry and get in touch with customers who are looking for your legal services. We can help bring traffic to your website that is converted into real world leads.


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    Law Firm SEO Services in Houston

    We work with individual lawyers, law firms, and those working in the legal industry who are looking to expand their reach and be seen online. If you are interested in learning more about the Law Firm SEO marketing services offered at HOUSBM and would like to know how they can help you gain new customers, call us today at 713-492-0025 or request a quote online.


    Common questions about Law Firm SEO

    What Tactics Are Important To Lawyer SEO Marketing?

    There are a couple of major tactics to take into consideration when coming up with SEO Marketing strategies for lawyers. First of all, there are many different types of lawyers, including personal injury, immigration, criminal and many more. By utilizing effective SEO, we are able to help the lawyers we work with rank highly in Google search results that pertain to their specific area of practice.

    Secondly, living in a city as large as Houston, we are surrounded by smaller communities that still have large populations of people who need legal help. We work with our lawyer clients to make them show up not only only on searches for lawyers in Houston, but also for the cities surrounding it. This will make it easier for them to increase their visibility.

    Once you have dominated search results in the smaller surrounding communities that make up Houston, it will be easier to overcome the major areas you are interested in targeting. Contact us today to begin your lawyer SEO marketing campaign.

    Why Are Blogs Important for Law Firm SEO?

    We run blogs on our client’s websites in order to choose specific markets they would like to reach. If you are a lawyer who wants to primarily handle divorce cases for instance, we will reflect this preference by making several different blog posts about this topic.

    By publishing industry relevant, informative blogs, we will be able to increase your website’s SEO value. This will help Google recognize you as a professional and expert in your field, giving them more incentive to rank your website at the top of search results. Blogs also provide you with a way to share your message with potential clients.

    Blogs should be updated regularly to show Google that you are continuing to place new and informative content on your website. This will help to increase your placement online and get you seen by the customers you are looking to target.

    When you look at all of the major legal firms throughout Houston and other major cities, you will notice all of them have a regularly updated blog on their website. Make sure you are not falling behind and work with our team to get a functioning blog on your website.

    What Is Better Black Hat or White Hat SEO For Law Firms?

    Working with an online marketing company to boost your law firm’s SEO value must be taken seriously. It is important you choose to work with a company with reliable strategies that can stand up against Google’s strict guidelines in order to successfully rank high against your competitors.

    When you choose to go with unreliable companies to manage your online marketing you can negatively impact the traffic that comes to your site. This is because if Google does not recognize you as a professional in your field they can discredit your site and actually rank you lower than you were before implementing black hat marketing strategies.

    Our team has a history of proven results working with law firms that handle different legal matters. We understand that your business will have specific goals you are focused on, and we will develop a strategy specifically for your needs.

    What Is The Importance of The Website User Experience?

    When we get a new client the first thing we do is assess their website. Most often, we will start a brand new, attention grabbing design that presents well on all devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is important that your website be visually pleasing and easy for the user to navigate. This is because your website is often times the first place a potential client will visit; meaning it is vital you make a good impression with your design.

    Your website can be a make it or break it deal for someone who is on the search for a lawyer. Do not get left behind by your competitors because your website is boring, difficult to navigate, or incompatible with devices outside of a computer.

    How Much Do SEO Services Cost For A Law Firm?

    Working with an online marketing firm is an investment into the future of your practice. We help our clients get to the top rankings of Google results for all searches that are relevant to their services and location. We no longer are living in the days of phonebook ads, and running ads through other forms of media are not as effective as online marketing.

    Online marketing is more effective than other types of marketing because it allows you the opportunity to pinpoint your audience and easily connect with those who are already searching for your services on their own.

    Determining a price for these services depends on how aggressive the campaign you wish to launch is for your business. SEO takes time and continued efforts in order to get the best results, but effective marketing online can be the difference between a successful and struggling business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your law firm succeed.

    What Are The Unique Needs for Law Firm SEO?

    In order to have effective SEO marketing for law firms you must work with an agency that has real world experience with legal professionals. At Houston Small Business Marketing we have years of experience working with lawyers and law firms to help them get the online exposure they need in order to be successful.

    We know each individual and business will have their own unique needs and goals for SEO marketing; we work with them to find solutions and strategies that meet these needs. Do not get stuck on the third page of search results because you are not utilizing SEO marketing for your business, call us instead.

    We will help you to compete with the largest competitors throughout Houston and Texas. Our strategies hone into specific markets and target the audience you are interested in, to bring you the right type of clients. No matter what type of law firm you run, we will be able to make an SEO marketing strategy that fits your unique needs.

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