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Medical SEO Houston

A company that focuses on Medical and Healthcare Marketing in Houston should be able to provide solutions for getting your company to rise to the top of search results. These solutions typically include the use of local SEO, content marketing, Google Maps marketing, pay per click management, reputation management, social media marketing, and thoughtful web design.

These days in order to stay relevant and be seen online by potential customers it is important to utilize online marketing. Don’t lose potential customers to your competition because you are not doing everything you can to increase your visibility online. At HOUSBM we work with doctors, medical facilities, clinics, and more to boost their SEO and get them in touch with local patients in need of their medical and healthcare services.

Do what you can to help your company succeed by working with a proven internet marketing company that specializes in Financial SEO and local search marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about the Medical and Healthcare SEO marketing services offered at HOUSBM and would like to know how they can help you gain new customers, call us today at 713-492-0025 or request a quote online.

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    Common questions about Medical SEO

    Why Use Original Content for Medical SEO?

    It is vital for effective SEO that medical groups use original content on their websites. This includes the written content that appears on each page of the website, as well as the content that appears within the website’s blog.

    The reason you need original content on your website for effective SEO is because if you take content from other websites Google will be alerted that you are not be a reliable source for information. Unoriginal content will cause your website to rank lower than those with informative and original content. This can directly impact the online traffic your website receives.

    How do we utilize local SEO for Healthcare Businesses

    The healthcare industry is overly saturated with businesses trying to make a name for themselves. This is why working with an SEO professional can be an excellent way to stand out among the competition. We help connect those working within the medical field with potential patients who are locally searching for their services. This allows you to reach the communities surrounding your medical practice online in a practical manner.

    We utilize social media and weekly blogs to help keep you at the top of search results. If your healthcare business has a specific target audience we can carve this out for you and get you connected to those fitting in this group.

    Why use social media for Medical SEO?

    Being active on social media can increase your company’s local SEO rankings. Successful social media management for businesses is accomplished by publishing high-quality, industry relevant content. By publishing original and informative posts on social media and interacting with your audience, search engines, such as Google, will recognize you as an expert in your field. This has the ability to drastically impact your SEO ranking if your website is also posting original and informative content that users can rely on.

    At Houston Small Business Marketing we provide social media management as well as local SEO strategies to provide you with the best online marketing solutions.

    How to Develop A Medical SEO Customized Plan

    We make a customized SEO strategy for all of our clients. We do this by first getting an in-depth understanding of what services or products our clients provide. Secondly, we look at the location of the company and what areas surround it. Once we have a strong understanding of these two factors we develop a strategy to help you reach those who need your services and products within your local area.

    We work hard to develop your website and manage your blog in a manner that fits within Google’s algorithm. By doing this we are able to keep our medical clients at the top of search engine results for searches that are relevant to your company.

    Mobile Friendly Website Design for Medical SEO

    There are two major reasons to make sure your website’s design is mobile friendly. First of all, there have been reports pointing to the fact that more people search for local businesses on their mobile devices than they do computers. This means if your design is not compatible with mobile devices you are missing your chance to connect with anyone who is using anything other than a computer to find you.

    Secondly, Google ranks websites that have a mobile friendly design higher than those that do not. This means if your website is not mobile friendly it will not be able to reach its SEO potential.

    Can Medical SEO Increase Patient Count?

    Our goal is to be in compliance with Google’s algorithm in order to increase your website’s SEO value. This is done with the purpose of attracting potential patients, that are located in your surrounding areas and are looking for the services you offer, to your website.

    The most common way we search for local businesses is by searching online and choosing the one that fits our needs the best. Working with HOUSBM helps to ensure your website is appearing as one of the top results for those who are searching for something that is relevant to your services or local area.


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