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Houston Small Business Marketing help small and medium size businesses get on the top of the search engines at affordable prices.


Houston Local SEO

Houston Internet Local Listings, Google, Yahoo, Bing Local Listings

Houston Small Business Marketing uses affordable local search engine optimization strategies to deliver local search results for Houston small and medium sized businesses. When you are listed locally on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, your company will show an increase in visibility and prospect phone calls. Ultimately, listing locally results in increased revenue for your company!

Houston Small Business Marketing we will upload and optimize your company’s local listing. This Houston local SEO service includes monitoring and monthly statistical data for local online marketing. With a Local Listing on the top search engines, your company will leverage local presence with other internet marketing tools: 0ptimization, custom responsive design, email, and content marketing, and social media.


Cosmetic Dental Texas
Search for: “Houston Cosmetic Dentists” And you’ll see… “Cosmetic Dental Texas”
Autumn AirFloor ReNew Houston


We get you ranked on page 1 of Google
Don’t just take our word for it. See real, live client rankings:

Search for: “Air Conditioning Repair Copperfield TX”
And you’ll see… “A-Plus Mechanical Services, Inc.”

Search for: “Midtown Houston Cosmetic Dentists”
And you’ll see… “The Dentistry of Dr. Ka-Ron Y. Wade”

Search for: “Concrete Floor Restoration Houston”
And you’ll see… “Floor ReNew Houston”

Search for: “Air Conditioning Repair Heights Houston”
And you’ll see… “Autumn Air”







“Houston Small Business Marketing designed a website for my company and I can’t be more pleased with the results. They took everything I wanted to be on it and turned it into an effective website that is very easy to navigate ultimately resulting in an increase in business.

I highly recommend them to design a website for your company! You definitely will not be disappointed!”

Jennifer Abadie



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Houston SEO Consultant

Houston Small Business Marketing works with small to medium sized businesses, optimizing their website’s ranking in local search engine results, to get them recognized by potential customers. We implement the most current SEO standards when building our client’s websites to guarantee they will stand out among the competition and rank highly in search engine results.

The work does not stop there, once we have ensured our client’s websites are dynamic and SEO friendly we tackle their social media accounts. We develop and build out an account for each client on seven different social media platforms, broadening the audience they reach online. Then, we research and develop keyword driven blogs that highlight the services and goods offered by each client. The blogs we write serve two main purposes.

One, they increase domain authority improving SEO ranking for the website. Two, they allow visitors of the website to get a stronger understanding of why they are a good fit for the customer’s needs. It is important to remember that the standard for SEO is forever evolving. Houston Small Business Marketing maintains current knowledge to produce the best results for your company keeping you at the top of search results.

Search Engine Optimization in Houston

Search Engine Optimization dictates the online experience for everyone, even if they are unaware. Have you ever wondered what makes a particular company show up at the top of search engine results while similar companies that offer the same services do not show up for several pages?

It all has to do with search engine optimization and working with the algorithm that decides who is a subject matter expert in their field. When properly following SEO guidelines you can effectively boost your online traffic by making your site rank at the top of search engine results. In our technology driven world, most people use the internet to find local businesses offering the goods and services they are seeking. This has made the internet an increasingly rich resource for growing your business.

Each person that visits your site or sees your business appear on a local map is a potential client. The more traffic your website brings online, the more business you will receive. It is as simple as that. Don’t let your competition take all of your potential clients out from under you just because you are not showing up in search results. Contact us today to get your business the attention it deserves.

How to Choose a SEO Houston Expert

When you are choosing a company to provide you with a service, you have to ask yourself who is willing to do the most for me? At Houston Small Business Marketing we offer our clients much more than just SEO services. We make it our mission to have your company reach as many potential customers as possible.

We create and build out seven social media accounts for your business, allowing you to expand your audience online. We go through your website and ensure each page is not only SEO friendly but dynamic and eye catching. In addition to all of this, we showcase your company by writing keyword driven blogs that provide authoritative content for Google but also provide visitors to your website with a comprehensive look into why they should give your company their business.

SEO Houston

Even if you are not familiar with the terminology, if you have ever done a Google search for a local company, a service, or searched for an answer to a question and found what you were looking for, then you have experienced the product of effective SEO. SEO is the process of improving search engine results to rank the most relevant and authoritative content at the top of the list.

The higher the website’s ranking is, the closer to the top of the search results it can be found. SEO has the power to grow your visibility online which allows you to develop internet presence. The more frequently your website appears at the top of search engine results, the more times your website is visited. The more visitors a website has, the higher the potential is to convert online visitors into customers. This is why SEO is such a powerful resource for businesses.

Our goal at Houston Small Business Marketing is to help your business get noticed online. We work diligently to make your company’s website SEO friendly and provide Google with enough authoritative content to get you recognized as an expert in your field.

Local SEO Services in Houston

Making a website SEO friendly is a complex and forever evolving process. Spend your energy and time making your business the best in it’s field and leave the online marketing to the professionals at HOUSBM. Not only do we make it our goal to get you on the first page of Google for all searches that are relevant to your business, we also work on building your online presence.

We grow your social media following to bring in additional online traffic, we write keyword driven blogs outlining the services you offer, all while expressing what makes your company unique. We understand what it’s like to run a small to medium sized business on a budget and make it our mission to have your money work for you.

We relentlessly research and produce content for your business to ensure we keep you ahead of your competitors.


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