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When small and medium-sized businesses open for business, affordable internet marketing to get customers is high on the priority list. Implementing an online marketing mix: website and mobile design email and content marketing, local SEO, and social media, is costly and time consuming. Cash flow problems, capital expenditures, lack of knowledge, are problems small and medium-sized businesses face every day. Finding an affordable internet marketing strategy alternative is difficult.

Houston Small Business Marketing can help with reduced costs for Houston internet marketing!

As a Houston internet marketing company designed to provide affordable internet marketing services, Houston Small Business Marketing focuses on small and medium sized businesses. Whether it’s local seo, email and content marketing, website and mobile design, and business social media or any other search engine optimization techniques and programs that evolve, we can help you!


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Common questions people ask about Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is less expensive than traditional methods such as print, radio, and TV ads. Not only is it less expensive to market through the internet but you are also getting more for your money. Whenever you print or record an ad and publish it, it is in its final form. With internet marketing you are able to tweak your marketing strategies, adjust your ads as you go, and reach new markets.

Through effective SEO the internet allows you to organically be paired with potential customers who are already looking for the services or goods your company offers. This is much more effective than placing an ad somewhere that does not correlate to your industry or services.
The days of grabbing a phonebook and looking in the Yellow Pages for a local business are over. These days, in order to stay relevant and not be left behind by your competitors, internet marketing is vital. Research has proven that most consumers who are looking for a service or product turn to the internet for answers. When we search for nearby services we generally scan the map to see who is near us, who has good ratings, and who we believe will provide us with the best care.

If your business is not showing up on local searches until page three, there is a very high likelihood your competitors, who have utilized internet marketing and are the first page of search results, will bring in more clients.
At Houston Small Business Marketing, we build your online presence by utilizing several different channels of marketing. We first design your website with keyword driven content that will allow you to be found under all potential related internet searches. From here, we build out your social media presence- this not only helps you to connect to your audience, it also lets search engines like Google see that you are a legitimate business.

Additionally, we manage blogs for our clients to continue expanding their search engine optimization. We also work with clients who are interested in running ads online through Google and social media to increase volume to their website.
There is no definitive answer for which internet marketing strategy is the best. This is why we work with our clients to combine all channels of advertising to get you seen. We help to strengthen your brand online, so that you are easily identifiable and have authority online.

A good strategy is the combination of social media marketing, effective SEO, reputation management, local map optimization and in some cases running ads. Each industry is different and we adapt our strategies to reflect the individual needs of our clients and their businesses. To learn more about what we can do for your business schedule an appointment today!
Working with an online marketing agency, such as Houston Small Business Marketing, ensures you are getting the most out of your internet marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a forever evolving process that changes with the seasons. When you work with marketing professionals it keeps your strategies relevant and on-trend with the current requirements you need to meet to rank highly on search engine results.

Do not get left in the dust by your competitors because you are not staying on top of the many changes in the world of online marketing. Instead, let us help build an internet marketing strategy that fits your needs and adapt it as you grow.
Internet marketing expands the reach of your business to a targeted audience who has shown organic interest in the services or products you provide. By connecting potential customers with companies offering what they are looking for we see a great increase in our clients business.

Internet marketing has the ability to generate strong leads for your business that convert into real world clients. This is why internet marketing has quickly become the most effective and popular way for businesses to expand. To explore what internet marketing can do for your business schedule an appointment with us today!


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