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Content Marketing Houston

Content marketing is the process of creating high-quality, valuable content to attract, inform, and engage your potential customers. It is often used as part of a local SEO strategy, along with Google maps marketing, pay per click management, reputation management, social media marketing, and web design.

Your local potential customers are searching the web for answers that your brand is uniquely positioned to offer. Content marketing creates articles across the web that build credibility and authority with your audience.

A successful content marketing strategy will implore a cohesive approach. Our Houston content marketing digital specialists will work with you to determine the best approach to customize content marketing strategy for your business.

Content is the cornerstone of inbound marketing, and one of the most effective ways to build trust with both new leads and existing customers. Unique content about your business will help your organization stand out as a credible, reliable and trustworthy.

Providing relevant content is a crucial ingredient of your business success on social media. Learn more about the content marketing services we offer and how they could help you gain new customers. Contact us today at 713-492-0025 or request a quote.

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    Common questions about Content Marketing

    Who is responsible for Content Marketing?

    While many companies are unsure how content marketing works, or how to raise their ranking on search results, they are responsible for the content they place on their websites. Just because you have the best products, services, and prices, does not mean Google will rank you at the top of your industry.

    Working with an online marketing company, such as Houston Small Business Marketing can help you control your ranking online with proper content marketing. When we design your website we meticulously plan each page within your site in order to get the most SEO value from the content that appears on it.

    Why Content Marketing Is important to Brands?

    As stated above, your company can be the best in its industry, but with a poorly designed website that does not properly utilize content marketing- it may still rank lower than competitor companies. This has made it more important than ever before for brands to utilize content marketing for their websites. We no longer search the YellowPages for companies near us, we use the internet.

    Most people only look at the first page of search results when looking for a local company that offers the services or products they offer, making your ranking in these results vital to your success.

    Who is responsible for Content Marketing?

    All businesses can benefit from content marketing. Building your online presence and actively working to improve your ranking on Google search results, can directly impact the amount of traffic you see on your website and through your door. Whether you are a medical group, lawyer, contractor, financial professional, or any other type of business, content marketing will help your business succeed.

    When you work with Houston Small Business Marketing, we create SEO rich content on each page of your website and, manage an informative, industry relevant blog for your company. By doing this we are able to target specific audiences you want to reach online, and connect you with potential clients who are organically searching for your services.

    Where to start with Content Marketing?

    Optimal content marketing begins with a strong web design for your company. Houston Small Business Marketing meticulously plans each page within your website to optimize your content and help you rank highly on Google search results. This is done by writing relevant and informative information for each page that is formatted to be in compliance with Google’s algorithm.

    We design pages within your site to highlight not only the services and products your business provides, but also to make dedicated pages for the service areas surrounding your company. Once this has been complete, we continue increasing the reach of your websites content marketing by managing a blog on your website.

    Does Content Marketing support local SEO?

    Aggressive content marketing is the best option for improving your company’s local SEO placement. In order to stand out among your competitors it is vital that you design your website with content marketing in mind. We are able to improve your placement in local search results and help your company rank high by creating dedicated pages that are in compliance with Google’s algorithm.

    Once we do this, we are able to curate the blogs on your website in a way that helps you reach specific groups and locations. This allows businesses the opportunity to choose the markets that matter most to them and be seen by those who are already, organically, interested in their services.

    Are Blogs Content Marketing?

    Blogs are an excellent source of rich SEO content that has the ability to improve your website’s content marketing. There are two main ways a blog can help improve your website’s ranking. First of all, running an informative and original, industry relevant blog on your website will help Google identify you as a reliable source of information.

    This gives your website authority and helps your placement in local search results. Secondly, when writing a blog, the content within the blog can be written in a format that targets certain audiences or locations; helping connect your business with those you wish to see your services.


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