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Pay Per Click Management Houston

Pay-per-click marketing is an effective way of using advertising that appears at the top of search engine results to generate clicks that bring traffic to your website. They normally appear above Google’s search results page. Our Houston pay per click marketing specialists will develop an effective strategy along with local SEO strategy, Google maps marketing, reputation management, social media marketing, content marketing and web design.

PPC stands for “pay-per-click”. PPC advertising platforms allow you to create content, show it to relevant users and then charge you for specific actions taken on the ad. In many cases, you’ll be paying for ad clicks that take users to your site.

Business owners pay for these ads to appear at the top of searches that are relevant to their services or goods. Every time one of these ads are clicked by someone viewing search results, they will be directed to your website, and you will pay the search engine a small fee for the referral.

It is not necessary to use pay-per-click advertising, but it is a good way to get ahead of the competition while you organically grow your online presence through effective search engine optimization techniques. Our Houston pay-per-click marketing strategists will develop a custom plan. Contact our office for more information.

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    Common questions about Pay Per Click Management

    How much does pay per click advertising cost?

    Pay-per-click advertising has become increasingly more popular over the last few years because business owners are given the full freedom to be able to customize, run, and adjust their ads as they see fit. PPC ads allow you to set your own budget for your ad, as well as track the success of your ad through your Google Local Business page. This helps you determine if your PPC ad is an effective strategy for your business.

    Each company will be working with a different budget but on average Google Ads run between $1 and $2 per click. More expensive ads can run $50 or more per click.

    How does pay-per-click marketing work?

    Pay-per-click advertising is a form of online advertising that is used to direct the traffic of those looking for the services or products you offer to your website. In these advertising campaigns the company running the ad will choose a price-per-click, to pay to Google each time someone clicks on their ad.

    At Houston Small Business Marketing we work with our clients to customize and manage a PPC campaign that targets locals looking for related services. As your ad brings in traffic we are able to identify if the ad is successful or if it needs to be tweaked in order to reach a broader market.

    What is SEM?

    SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Search engine marketing is a popular form of Internet marketing that helps to promote various websites by increasing their online visibility in search engine results, primarily through paid advertising such as pay-per-click ads. Some search engine marketing strategies are organic and do not rely on paid advertising.

    These strategies typically are the same ones utilized by search engine optimization specialists. Both organic and paid SEM strategies can help a business to be seen online and matched with locals who are searching for similar products or services, as the ones they offer.

    Is paid search marketing effective?

    Paid search marketing is the term used to encompass any type of paid search engine ad, especially used in reference to pay-per-click ads. It has been found in some industries and markets to be a highly effective form of paid advertisement. This is because it allows your ad to appear similarly to an organic search result, at the top of search engine results.

    This allows new companies, and smaller companies the chance to compete in markets with stiff competition. Another reason it is so effective is because you are able to have complete control over your budget and the content that appears in the ad, making it easy to adjust along the way as you see fit.

    Can pay-per-click marketing build your business?

    Pay-per-click marketing does give businesses an excellent opportunity to expand their visibility and attract new customers. In markets that are heavily saturated with competition, or for new companies trying to compete with established companies, pay-per-click marketing is especially effective.

    This is because it gives your company the chance to be seen above your competitors, allowing the potential client the opportunity to see your website and decide if they are interested in working with you. Generally, someone searching for a service or good will only scan the top few results in their Google search, making placement at the top of search results more important than ever.

    What is the advantage of pay per click marketing?

    There are many advantages to pay-per-click marketing. When you choose to invest in a pay-per-click advertisement you are able to track the progress of your ad; have complete control over the budget; make adjustments to your ad; and also appear at the top of search results above your competitors.

    All of these factors make pay-per-click a popular and effective marketing strategy for businesses that are looking to boost their visibility onlines and drive traffic to their website. Houston Small Business Marketing can help develop a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign for your company that fits within your budget.


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