Google Maps Marketing

What Is A Google Local Guide

Most online users’ experiences are determined by careful calculations working within Google’s algorithm. Google Maps works within this system to help users find local businesses, landmarks, and locations around them. In order to keep the information on Google Maps current, accurate, and relevant for all users- they have created the Google Local Guide feature.


Google maps has always granted their users the ability to contribute their personal content so that they can share their unique experiences online. This is done by allowing them to leave reviews, share photos they have taken, and updating information. By giving the user this much freedom over Google listings, it becomes critical for businesses to stay on top of their listing and ensure it has the correct location, contact information, and content describing their location. By introducing the Google Local Guide program, they have been able to effectively boost the number of contributions coming in for Google Maps.


So what exactly is a Google Local Guide? Any Google user who chooses to leave a review, add a photo they have taken, answer a question, or add unverified locations are given Guide Points. In order for these contributors to increase their levels and raise their ranking within the Google Local Guide community all they have to do is continue posting new and helpful information. With each increase in level the user will qualify for various events and activities in the Local Guide community.


Creating and optimizing a Google My Business profile is a critical component to the success of any business – especially local businesses with brick and mortar locations. Google Local Guide has the ability to help businesses by providing crowd sourced material, such as photos and reviews, for their profile, ultimately improving their placement online.


Once a user begins contributing as a Local Guide, some of the rewards and benefits Google will provide them are:


-Getting early access to Google features and special perks from partners.


-You become eligible to be part of exclusive Google groups, hangouts, and contests meant especially for Google Guides.


-Get an early access to new Google products and features.