What web design trends are dominating for 2019

What web design trends are dominating for 2019?

Digital trends are forever evolving to stay current and match the online user’s expectations and needs. Websites are especially in need of quick adaptations in their format, function, and style as designs online continue to enhance the user experience across the board.  If your website has not been updated in the last two years, there is a good chance your business is falling behind the curve. This does not only have the potential to impact the user’s experience, it can also lead to problems for your website’s placement online. Below we have listed some of the top web design trends for 2019:


  1. Mobile Responsive Web Design: While mobile responsive web designs have been a critical component for for websites belonging to businesses to succeed for awhile- having your business available to as many people, on as many devices as possible, forever remains the main priority for maximum success in 2019. With the endless growth of new technological devices, it is becoming easier and easier for users to access the internet from wherever they are. Ensure you are getting the most out of your website with the web design team at Houston Small Business Marketing.


  1. Broken Grids: This year we have seen a tremendous increase in asymmetrical layouts, also known as broken grids. It breaks away from the traditional formatting styles we have seen for years and offers websites the ability to put things in unusual locations, layer colors and textures, take advantage of white spaces, and much more.


  1. Card-Based Layouts: Layouts with card-based designs give websites the chance to showcase many images in a more organized way, helping to set the tone of the user’s experience. This can help to remove clutter and make your web design have a cleaner look.


  1. Color Blocking: Color blocking, is not a new concept to web design. However, what is new to web design is that color blocking can now be used on both content and image-heavy pages to allow for elements to be given their space to breathe, creating resting points for the eye and an overall better web experience.


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