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What are web design services?

At Houston Small Business Marketing we offer full inclusive web design services. Our web design services range from designing brand new websites for companies- to reworking their current website, to increase its SEO value. Any company, but especially one working within a saturated market will need a strong, properly formatted website in order to rank high on search engine results. Our team knows how to make your website’s design work for you! We create dedicated pages for the services our clients offer, as well as pages for the service areas surrounding their company. Designing a website in this manner makes it easier for online users who are searching for local services to be linked to our client’s websites. This will result in your website receiving more online traffic, and ultimately more customers. If you have questions or concerns about your website’s design, contact Houston Small Business Marketing today to learn more about what we can do to optimize your company’s website.


Web design involve both the aesthetic, or visual portion of a website as well as it’s usability. Proficient web designers use various design programs when designing a website such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, etc. This allows them to create the layout, along with other visual elements of the website. Web Developers take the website design and actually make the website functional. Web developers use HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and other programming languages to bring the design files to life in a simple and engaging fashion. Your website needs to make a strong impression on users who visit it because this will often be where potential customers get their first look at your company.


However, without proper SEO and content building within your website, you will not attract enough traffic for this to even matter. This is why at Houston Small Business Marketing we do more than just give you a generic layout for your website. We meticulously build it from the ground up, filling each page with original and informative information that will make Google recognize you as an expert in your field. Let us help you stand out among your competitors with our online marketing services today!


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