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Should My Company Be Sending Holiday Emails To Clients?

When developing a marketing strategy during the holiday season you may wonder, should my company be sending holiday emails to clients? The answer is, yes. Any opportunity to reach out to your clients and share some holiday cheer is an excellent way to show your customers they mean more to you than just another sale. If you missed out on creating a holiday email marketing campaign this season, don’t worry the small holidays are equally valuable when making your customers feel special.

At Houston Small Business Marketing we custom tailor our services to meet our clients needs. If you are looking to grow your business we will work with you to create a specific marketing plan that helps you to reach your individual goals. This can include sending holiday themed emails with a personal touch to stay relevant to your clients and let them know you care.

Listed below are some excellent guidelines to keep in mind when creating a holiday email marketing campaign with our team.

5 best practices for sending holiday messages to customers this year

  1. Plan your holiday message campaigns

You need ample time to plan for your holiday campaigns to succeed. Think about your content, offers, customer care, even your website design, to ensure everything aligns with your holiday marketing campaigns.

Planning helps you avoid the needless stress and frustration of scrambling to put together your holiday campaigns at the last minute. Create a list of marketing tasks and materials you need before the holidays. That way, your campaigns can run smoothly, and all the materials you need are prepared.

  1. Keep it short

Resist the urge to send long and hearty messages. Chances are, your customers are busy with the upcoming holidays and don’t have time to read through everything. Keep your business holiday greetings short.

It doesn’t take a full page to let customers know you value them. If you’re using customer service software for your live chat support, you can include automated holiday messages at the end of every customer interaction.

Long holiday messages are also not ideal for mobile devices since customers need to scroll to read the entire content. This ruins the customer experience. If your customers are busy, they might even find your holiday message annoying.

  1. Avoid making your holiday messages too salesy

Tone down the sales talk when sending holiday greetings. Sometimes, being too salesy can turn your customers off and reduce their buying.

Instead of aggressively telling your customers to buy, why not greet them and ask if there’s anything your company can do to make their holidays extra special? This builds your image as a company that cares.

When businesses use holiday greetings strategically, they can establish a meaningful connection with their customers, which ultimately leads to more sales down the line.

  1. Keep your message generic

Unless you’re sure all your customers celebrate the same holidays, or if your business centers on a specific group of clientele, keep your holiday greetings generic. It helps you avoid isolating any individual or group of customers. Consider saying “Warmest wishes!” or “Happy holidays!”

If your customers celebrate specific winter holidays, such as Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, tailor your message to acknowledge those. It’s a great way to show inclusivity and appreciation, helping you connect with your clients and improve the customer experience.

  1. Personalize the greeting

While it’s crucial to keep your holiday greetings generic, add a level of personalization so your message becomes more catchy. Address your clients by their names in your greetings and include exclusive offers based on their previous interactions and purchases. This shows you are aware of their preferences.

When businesses send personalized season’s greetings messages, their holiday marketing campaigns become more impactful regardless of the marketing channels they use.

Hopefully this article answers the question, “Should My Company Be Sending Holiday Emails To Clients?” If you are interested in stepping up your marketing and growing your business in the new year, reach out to Houston Small Business Marketing. Our team is here to help you succeed.

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