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2023 Marketing Trends Your Business Needs To Adapt

Maintaining relevance online is key when it comes to securing a top placement on Google and increasing your brand visibility. Our marketing campaigns are all designed to help you stay ahead of the curve, while connecting to a wider market long term. LinkedIn shares 2023 marketing trends your business needs to adapt in order to grow online and stay in compliance with Google’s forever evolving online algorithm.

Read below to learn more about the strategies we will be implementing for our clients moving forward in the new year.

1. Intelligent, interactive content is the future!

You’ve probably tried various filters on Instagram or Snapchat to instantly get those cute bunny ears, or big false eyelashes, right?

AR allows you to experience virtual objects within your field of vision. While AR has developed dramatically in recent years, the real future in content marketing will be virtual reality (VR).

Imagine your campaign ran ads that allowed customers to immerse themselves in a simulated world; they could see your products, use them and maybe even see some important product specs. That could be VR-in-action in the near future!

Not just AR/VR, even artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in creating interactive content. Chatbots have played a large part in handling customer interactions in 2021 and 2022. With the advancement of machine learning, natural language processing and AI, chatbots are set to become robust content partners in 2023.

2. Storytelling 2023 – Human and data-driven

While there’s definitely an art to storytelling, there should be a science to it too. Yes, stories that appeal to our emotional, vulnerable, human sides stay with us for a long time. However, when these human stories are backed by data, they provide a lot of direction to your content, in a customer’s mind.

For instance, when you create a case study for your website, you can definitely present it in the form of a story. Here’s an exaggerated case-study template in a story format:

Once upon a time, a client faced a unique challenge. They tried their best to solve their challenge and searched high and far (on and off Google) for answers. They couldn’t find a solution.

That’s when we stepped in.

Not only did we provide a solution for the client’s problem, we were also fast, accurate and affordable. The client was very happy with us and we worked happily ever after!

While these types of case studies may have worked in the past, they definitely won’t anymore. Instead, plotting client challenges over time and then measuring the success of your solution quantifiably will greatly improve your credibility. So, while storytelling should definitely appeal to your emotional side, data is the key differentiator in decision-making.

3. Video and podcast content will continue to reign supreme!

This trend isn’t really a surprise. Videos and podcasts (both audio and video) are exponentially more consumable on-the-go. Personally, I listen to podcasts (true crime is my fav genre!) every day because they’re engaging, informative and offer a perspective I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

Videos, on the other hand, are a great medium to tell a highly visual story. Whether long or short, a well-made video can relay your content in an engaging way to your target audience. In fact, the simpler the video, the better its impact. You’ve probably seen this viral marketing video many times, but it’s a great example of how video content will always be impactful.

 4. The rise of intentional content 

We often talk about customer needs and expectations extensively (I even mentioned it at the beginning of this article!). But customer intent will be a parameter that businesses will focus on more in 2023. Understanding the why behind your customers’ needs, choices and wants will help you plan your content strategy much better.

By creating materials that focus on your customers’ WHY, you can create intentional content for your audience. This is also a great way to differentiate yourself from competitors that may address your customers’ needs in a superficial way, instead of diving deeper.

You’ll also have some laser focus on the content formats, topics and copy you want to cover within your strategy – which is always helpful in the long run!


While focusing on your upcoming strategy is essential, don’t forget to update your existing content too! Not only will you add more accurate, up-to-date info throughout your copy, you can also ensure you adhere to the latest Google policies and guidelines to increase the visibility of ALL your content on Google.

Increased Brand Awareness in Real Time

Our team works with you to tackle your marketing by utilizing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. We work with you to implement these 2023 Marketing Trends Your Business Needs To Adapt to keep you outranking your competitors and continue to grow your online presence. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our online marketing firm.


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