Can I Design My Own Website

Can I Design My Own Website

These days business owners are learning more and more about the necessity and benefits of marketing online. All successful online marketing will require a fully developed and optimized website that attracts users to your page. You can have the greatest website in the world but if no one ever sees it, what’s the point?

The best way to attract new users to your website is through a process known as Search Engine Optimization. This is a complex and forever evolving process that works to optimize your website in order to help it rank high on search engine results for all relevant queries.

For instance, if you are a divorce attorney in Houston, it is safe to say there are hundreds of competitors out there in a city this large. By manipulating the content that appears on your website, through SEO, you can gain one of the highly sought after top positions online.

This is primarily done by designing your website following a specific algorithm. Every word you write, photo you place, and size font you use, will play a role in the success or failure of your SEO.

So, while it is possible to design your own website, you should take into consideration that a website that looks nice is not the equivalent to a website that is optimized. If you are specifically interested in growing your business and reaching a wider audience, hiring a web developer with SEO expertise is recommended.

According to Small Business Chron, some of the top reasons to consider hiring a web designer include:

Millions of people now use the Internet to find the things they need. A well-laid-out website can provide all sorts of useful information to those who might need what you have to offer, such as hours of operation, telephone numbers, email address and information as to why they should select your company over others. When planning or designing a business website, you generally have two options: build the website yourself or contract the work out to a professional Web designer or programmer. Before you rush into a lengthy do-it-yourself project or shell out a lot of money to a professional, consider the pros and cons of both approaches to building your company website.

Save Time

While there are countless books and websites dedicated to “website design,” the actual act of designing and implementing a website involves hours upon hours of tweaking, coding and typing. If you’re running your own business, the time spent finding just the right color scheme for your website could have been used to actually run your business instead. A professional Web designer does this for a living and can theoretically have your site finished in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Customized Design

A simple Internet search for “website creation” compiles pages of sites and programs available for your website developing needs — many of them free. While this may seem the perfect solution to your dilemma, these programs and sites typically offer a limited number of starting templates for you to “customize.” In reality, these templates can all look very similar to not only each other, but also to countless websites already online that have also used this software. A professional Web designer works with you to create a website that fits your needs with a look that’s unique with a branding solution that fits you and your business.

Quick Solutions

Generally speaking, any problems that crop up within the website or any changes that need to be made are handled by the person who created it. If you created your website, and it unexpectedly fails or requires frequent changes, you could lose valuable time making adjustments or simply trying to figure out where the problem lies. In many cases, a professional Web designer helps you learn how to manage the site yourself (in the case of a “Web presence planner”). Sometimes the Web designer even manages the site for you, correcting invalid links and quickly making changes as necessary.

Professional Impression

Perception is everything when it comes to reputation, and if your potential customers see a “Site provided by” link at the bottom of your website they may think you’re not truly a professional business. With the affordable price of domain names, hosting and Web-design software, anyone can buy a website name and some space and put a site up claiming to be a real business. A professionally designed site helps solidify your position as a real, professional business — and offers your visitors a greater confidence in trusting you.

User Friendly Business Websites

When it comes time to start building a user friendly business website for your company, quality and SEO value will weigh heavily into your online presence. Working with a company that specializes in building websites, such as Houston Small Business Marketing, can be the difference between successful online marketing and ineffective efforts.

We work with your company step by step to create a custom domain and full developed website that reflects your specific needs. Once your website is developed we can help you with further online marketing strategies including email marketing. Reach out to us today by filling out one of our contact forms.

Impact of Web Design on SEO

As we have stated in previous blogs, now more than ever before it has become important for businesses, especially those working in highly competitive and saturated markets, to dedicate time and resources to developing a responsive, dynamic, and informative website. As time has gone on, websites have started to take more active roles in the success of businesses. This is because in our modern world, everyone is glued to their smart devices. We use our phones, computers, tablets, and other smart devices to help guide our experience and interact with the world around us.

This includes how people locate businesses in their local area that offer the services or goods that they are on the market for. At Houston Small Business Marketing, we are experts in search engine optimization. This means, when we design and develop your company’s website, online users looking for the particular services and goods you sell, will be directed to visit your website. Do not run the risk of losing potential customers to your competitors just because they are working with a digital marketing group and you aren’t.

We understand that business owners are busy running their business and do not have the time on their hands required to stay up to date and savvy on the newest SEO trends and algorithms. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to keeping up with all the current trends, to keep our customers at the top of Google search results. If the business you see as your main competition is investing time and resources into their web development, they will attract more customers to their website which oftentimes will result in more customers and transactions. The more customers you have visit your website, the higher you will rank, and the greater conversion rates you will see in your business.

However, bringing more users to your company’s website is only half the battle. Once you attract new users, you will need to have a website that makes a positive impression on users in order to convert them into real world customers. This will require a dynamic web design that is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. At Houston Small Business Marketing, we work carefully on every aspect of your website building it from the ground up. Let us help you stand out among your competitors with our online marketing and web development services today!

SEO Marketing Experts in Houston

Stop missing out on potential customers and become a force within your industry! From excellent web design and social media management to Google Business Listing optimization and a weekly-updated blog, the team at Houston Small Business Marketing is here to help you get to the next level. Grow your business when you expand your reach online. If you are tired of giving away potential customers to your competitors, contact us today!

We dedicate ourselves to working closely with business owners to come up with a marketing plan that helps them succeed. We provide each customer with a free consultation for your website and social media to let you know how you can improve your placement online and grow your engagement with local potential customers looking for your services. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.


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