Why Your Business Needs To Use Hashtags

Why Your Business Needs To Use Hashtags

What Are Hashtags?
Hashtags have become an effective method to connect people on social media who wish to communicate about the same topics. A hashtag can be used for a #single word, or a #GroupOfWords. They are also known as meta tags, helping brands to engage and interact with their brand.


Hashtag Guidelines:


-Too many hashtags can be counterproductive when it comes to engaging or connecting with your audience because too many are often looked at as obnoxious. Instagram and Pinterest are platforms you can comfortably use them liberally.


-Match your business! If you are a local company then make sure the hashtags you are using reflect this in order to reach the right audience.


-Make your own hashtags that are associated only with your brand, whether it is the name of your company, or a product or service you offer. This will motivate your clients to reach out and interact with other customers, building an online community.


-Research all hashtags before using them. This is important for a few reasons. One, if you are trying to generate interest to a post and hashtag words that have little to no popularity it is a waste of a hashtag. Secondly, it is important to research all hashtags to identify who is using them and if there is any type of developed meaning behind them. This is important to avoid promoting other brands, being offensive, controversial, or demeaning.


Twitter: Using hashtags for posts on Twitter are extremely helpful for organically building engagements with your audience. Test different hashtags to find what works best for you.


Instagram: You are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags at a time, though this can annoy your audience making them unfollow you online. Try to target your top keywords and only use those.


Facebook: Hashtags are not as big of a feature on facebook but still when properly targeted can attract attention to your business page.


Google Plus: Even if you do not add hashtags to your Google+ posts, Google will automatically add hashtags based on the content you share.


Pinterest: Hashtags are used in the pin descriptions on Pinterest. You are only allowed up to 500 words in your descriptions so use that space wisely.


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