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Creative Ways to Increase Your Online Following

Are you looking for creative ways to increase your online following so that you can attract new customers to your business? Our team can help you. We are a comprehensive digital marketing company that specializes in SEO driven content and social media marketing.

By optimizing your social media presence you are able to attract potential customers to your social media accounts, in turn driving traffic to your website and business. Growing your social media accounts takes time, dedication, and the ability to post content that makes your audience pay attention.

Our team creates a presence for your business on all major social media platforms so that you are able to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GMB, and more. Your social media channels are meant to help you


Why you need a strong online presence

The more ways you can place your business in front of your target audience with quality experiences, the more opportunities you have to build brand awareness and improve your reputation. But there are other ways a strong online presence benefits your business.

  • Get discovered: 97% of consumers search online for local products and services. A strong online presence makes it easy for ideal customers who don’t yet know you exist to discover you, both when they are and are not searching for what you have to offer.
  • Be seen as a legitimate business: 83% visit a store based on the information they found online. Consumers rely on multiple sources of information before making a purchase. If you don’t provide information about your business across all of these sources, you’ll be dismissed—by consumers and search engines alike.
  • Market your business 24/7: If you have a strong online presence set up, people can discover, learn about, engage with, and reach out to you whenever is best for them, no matter where they are in the buyer journey or what device they are using.
  • Save money: Digital marketing platforms all come with data to tell you what’s working and what’s not, so you can allocate your budget accordingly.
  • Get more conversions: It takes an average of seven encounters with a business before a lead becomes a customer. Being prominent on multiple channels creates opportunities for those engagements to happen more quickly.
  • Earn Google’s trust: Google takes more than just your website into account when ranking. It actually looks at your assets across the web and how consistent they are.
  • Perfect your buyer journey: 63% of shopping journeys start online. With a strong online presence, you can be available to consumers at different points in their journey toward customership, which includes multiple devices.


Twitter shares the following Creative Ways to Increase Your Online Following

Check the current trends

When sailing, it is always good to have the wind on your back. Likewise, on social media, join the trend and the platform will effortlessly project you in front of millions of users. It will be like getting free advertising for your product or yourself. However, for a successful social media campaign, do not just mindlessly join any trending topic, but think about how you can add value to the topic, be creative, and post something interesting that will attract readers.

Use multimedia

It is a fact that posts with video or visuals get more traction on social media. Not everyone is in the food business and can post attractive photographs of mouth-watering dishes or cooking videos, but with some creativity, you can find the right multimedia post that will attract readers and help start a dialogue.

On some social media platforms, you have to use visuals; but on a platform like Twitter, even simple and interesting conversations will keep your audience engaged.

Be regularly active

You cannot expect overnight success in your social media campaigns. Neither can you achieve miraculous results by just posting occasionally. To make the most use of social media platforms, it is necessary that you are regularly active.

You don’t have to launch a flood of social media posts, but posting content at regular intervals will be helpful and keep your readers’ attention piqued. Different social media platforms have different timings of high user activity.

Pay attention to customer service

Don’t forget that your social media is essentially a platform for interacting and serving your customers. Just posting funny quotes or pictures and videos will not help your business if you aren’t proactively engaging with your customers, fulfilling their demands, and attending to their complaints.

A social media platform is just that – a platform to reach your current customers and attract future ones. Pay attention to what your customers are saying on social media about your business, your attitude, and your product.

Don’t forget to audit results

If you aren’t monitoring and auditing your social media campaign results, it will be like throwing arrows in the dark. Analytics are necessary to know what is going right for your campaign and what isn’t working.

Use data to tweak performing and non-performing assets for their optimal use. Analytics will also help you understand your audience in a better way and respond to them more effectively.

Interact with your audience

Social media platforms are primarily for social networking. You have to network with people, have a conversation, and listen to them. Reaching out to your audience is as essential as creating attention-worthy posts.

If you aren’t interacting with your audience, it will be like standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself. By having a conversation with your audience, you will make them feel special and show them that you’re attentive to their needs while generating word of mouth publicly for you.

Keep promoting your social media accounts

What is the use of having social media accounts if people don’t know about them? Keep promoting your social media accounts so that more and more people discover them. Encourage your family and friends to promote and interact with your social media accounts.

This will create a ripple effect and, without any advertising, can increase the reach of your social media presence. Of course, if you can afford to run ad campaigns, then do so and let more people know where they can find you on social media.

Maintain with right tools

Big businesses can afford to have a big social media teams who handle their accounts and run their social media campaigns. For smaller companies or individuals who handle their own accounts, it is difficult to manage day-to-day activities and be active on social media platforms.

Fortunately, technology is making every task easier nowadays. There are many tools you can use to post simultaneously on all of your social media accounts. You can also pre-plan and pre-schedule your social media posts whenever you have free time. This will save you precious time to run your social media campaigns without hassle.


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The Houston Small Business Marketing team works hard to help your business stay relevant in this online-focused world by tracking the latest strategies in online marketing for businesses. If you are tired of giving away potential customers to your competition, we can help you.

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