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Why Is My Website Not On Google?

Whether we like it or not, Google plays an essential in the success of your small to medium sized Houston business. Whenever the algorithm is able to identify that your company is legitimate and offers quality services, they will help you in two separate ways. The first way being, placing your company on Google Maps local three-pack, and secondly, by linking your website in the top results of all relevant searches that pertain to the services offered by your company. If your business is operating in a highly competitive market, your placement in these results can either make or break your company. By failing to implement SEO strategies you will find that it is difficult to be anywhere near the top results on Google. Listed below are two highly effective avenues for appearing on Google and what it takes to get there:


Google Maps Three-Pack SEO

Whenever you are looking for a new restaurant in your area, what do you do? One of the most common things Americans do in this situation is pull out their smartphone or mobile device, to do a quick Google search. If you’re craving a certain cuisine, we’ll say, sushi- you would quickly search, “sushi near me.” The results you get will almost always be paired with a map, showing sushi restaurants around you- linking the top restaurant’s results with their contact information and website. Most often, the user will select a restaurant within the top 3 listed results. This makes it nearly impossible for companies down at the bottom of the search results to even engage a customer using their mobile device to find a new restaurant. Unfortunately, even if the 13th listed restaurant has the best sushi in town, for the best prices, they will primarily be relying on word of mouth referrals or walk-ins for their business.


Dominating Google Search Results

In many cases, you may find certain searches you do for businesses in your area to not include a Google Maps three-pack. In these situations, the immediate distance the user is at from your company will not be as important of a factor. Rather, the content on your website and the reviews left by real customers will help drive the traffic to your website. If you are operating in a saturated market with many competitors, you will want to pay close attention to the SEO of your website, your Google Business Listing, your social media accounts, and a word-press blog. The SEO Houston experts at HOUSBM are here to help you get ahead of the competition and get connected with locals looking for the services you offer!


Online Marketing in Houston

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