SEO Marketing Services in Houston

SEO Marketing Services in Houston

Our Houston SEO experts provide comprehensive SEO strategies to help grow your business online and spread awareness for your brand. These services are bundled together in order to yield you the best results. Our goal is to have your website ranked higher than your competitors in all relevant local SEO Google searches.

This is done with thoughtful website design that focuses on both the user experience as well as the SEO formatting. Every word of text that appears on your website has the ability to either help or hurt your ranking. This is why we put in so much effort to properly rebuild or create a website for your business. The closer your site fits into what Google is looking for the more organic traffic will be directed to your website.

Our Houston SEO agency also provides social media marketing services to help you reach broader audiences in Houston, TX and other areas you wish to reach. All effective marketing solutions will want to work on social media in order to develop the strongest marketing strategy.


How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure. They add up and influence search engine optimization in six directions:

  1. Extensive content distribution
  2. Longer lifespan of your posts
  3. Improve online visibility and organic traffic
  4. Increase brand recognition.
  5. Enhance brand reputation
  6. Boosts local search engine optimization (SEO)

Your shares across social media sites have no place in SEO rankings. Still, when more people share your content throughout social media, it generates social signals that indicate your posts are useful to your target market.

Research by CognitiveSEO made some exciting findings. After analyzing 23 million social media shares on selected platforms, they discovered an equivocal link between social shares and SEO. The shares, likes, and comments your posts receive are vital signals which Google and other search engines use to rank your website.

However, although the links are helpful, Google doesn’t count them as it would a link from other authority sites. Despite that, you agree that the best ranking pages on SERP are often those with more social shares.

In describing how social media impacts SEO, Life Marketing notes that social media does not have a direct influence on SEO. But it indirectly has a positive effect on search ranking.


More on How Social Media Supports SEO

Why is social media important for SEO? Since social media indirectly influences the factors that impact search rankings, it is important because it has the potential to drive quality web traffic to your blog.

When you create and publish quality materials that connect with your target readers, they become advocates. Why? Because you offer them something of value. It means that your audience will read and share the articles with their friends and followers.

Their followers will do the same, and the circle continues. Keep in mind that content writing/creation is a fantastic way to attract more eyes to your site. Content can be in any format, as long as it engages your audience. Some types of content that drive traffic and social shares are:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts

These materials offer your marketing persona useful information that makes them keep coming back and ultimately drive leads. That is content marketing — sharing valuable data that helps the reader. But you will make no significant impact if you don’t distribute them properly.

That is where social media comes into the picture. So when you share your posts, your audience amplifies your content by sharing it further. In this way, you increase visibility, improve traffic, and generate backlinks.

These are social signals that notify Google that your site content is incredible. Those signals could indirectly improve your search rankings.


What Is Included With Online Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing in Houston: Your social media accounts are an extension of your business and a vital opportunity to boost the SEO value of your business. Our team can help you get to the next level with our high quality social media marketing services in Houston.
  • Google Map Marketing in Houston: If you are not showing up at the top of Google map results, also known as the Google 3-pack, then you are missing out on potential customers that can help your business grow. Do not let your competitors outperform you just because of their placement online. Contact Houston Small Business Marketing today to outrank your competitors and get where you need to be.
  • Google Business Listing Management in Houston: Your Google Business Listing will require continued efforts in order to maximize its efficiency and be seen online by potential customers. At Houston Small Business Marketing, we continue adding new content and optimizing your Google Business Listing in order to help you place higher than your competitors. Contact us today to learn more about how your Google Business Listing is affecting your placement online.
  • Blog Posts: We will manage a blog on behalf of your business. This will help you to target specific audiences and answer some of the most important questions in your industry. Not only do these blog posts help to increase your SEO they also will be an excellent resource for your current and potential clients to get an insider look into your business. At Houston Small Business Marketing we will find out which service areas in Houston you are most interested in sharing your services with, from here we will work with you to highlight the products and services your business offers to potential customers in those chosen areas.


Houston Online SEO Company

If you are not putting resources into optimizing your website, you will quickly fall behind your competitors that have already implemented SEO strategies to their online presence. As the gap expands between how much effort your competitors are putting into their online marketing and how little work you are putting into your website, the harder it will become to engage with customers online. The team at Houston Small Business Marketing works hard to help your business stay relevant in this online-focused world by tracking the latest strategies in online marketing for businesses.

Don’t let your business miss out on potential customers and become a force within your industry! From excellent web design to social media management, the team at Houston Small Business Marketing is here to help you broaden your reach and grow your audience!

Stop giving away potential customers to your competition, contact us today! We dedicate ourselves to working closely with business owners to come up with a marketing plan that helps them succeed. We provide each customer with a free consultation for your website and social media to let you know how you can improve your placement online and grow your engagement with local potential customers looking for your services.


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