No Obligation Online Marketing Consultation

No Obligation Online Marketing Consultation

Are you looking to grow your business and dominate local search engines so that you can stand out among your competition? If so, working with a comprehensive digital marketing consultant can help you develop a marketing campaign that fits your specific needs. Business owners are encouraged to reach out to our team to schedule a free no obligation online marketing consultation.

Types of services a marketing company provides

Every marketing agency is different and may offer unique or niche services. However, most marketing companies will handle the following tasks:

SEO. Marketers use SEO to ensure your audience will see your online content. They’ll employ keyword research to identify terms your audience searches for and handle technical website considerations, including speed and making your website Google mobile-friendly. Many marketing agencies conduct a full website audit to determine where your web pages are lacking and act immediately to correct these issues. They’ll also use SEO to create a content strategy for your website and social media channels.

Web development. Every business needs a website, and many marketing companies offer web development services. They can build a brand-new website from scratch or optimize your existing website. Web development also typically includes site maintenance and hosting management, taking another administrative burden off your company.

Branding and design. Branding and design are integral to how your audience perceives your business. Branding encompasses everything from the tone of your marketing materials to your organization’s core values. Design supports branding by providing visual consistency to reinforce your brand message. Whether you need a logo redesign or support in developing your brand message across the board, marketing companies can help.

Content marketing. Every word on your website, social media accounts, email campaigns and external publications is considered content. Content marketing and SEO are closely related, ensuring you develop the content most likely to reach your target customers. Content marketing includes your web content, including your business blog. A good marketing agency leverages this content for use across all marketing channels to develop a consistent brand message that resonates with your audience.

Email marketing. Email is one of the most effective channels for driving conversions. Marketing emails cover aspects like customer segmentation, subject lines writing and the content of an email. It also includes the frequency with which you deliver email content to users and what actions trigger certain emails. For example, suppose a user abandons their cart in your e-commerce store. In that case, you can set up an email marketing plan to automatically trigger a message with the subject line “Complete your purchase,” with a clickable link to the user’s cart in the email body.

Social media marketing. Social channels like Facebook and Instagram can help build your audience and generate leads. Social media marketing strategies depend on the nature of your business and the platforms most suitable for reaching your audience. However, these marketing efforts should reflect your broader brand message and content marketing plan. An experienced marketing company will manage your social media channels and optimize their intersection with the rest of your marketing.

Paid advertising. Paid advertising includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and sponsored content online. It also includes conventional marketing efforts, such as public relations and print, radio and television ads. A good marketing company identifies where your business could realize the greatest return on investment for paid advertising opportunities and develop a strategy accordingly.

The team at Houston Small Business Marketing proudly offers all of these critical marketing services to help you get a leg up on your competition. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation online marketing consultation.


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