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Are you looking to expand the reach of your company by engaging with more potential customers than ever before? Old marketing tactics like running ads in the newspaper or on the radio are outdated and inefficient when it comes to getting the word out about your company. No one is turning to the yellow pages to figure out what their best options for local businesses are. In fact, most people don’t even own phone books anymore! So how are you supposed to get the word out about your company to people who are organically searching for your services? This is where the expert knowledge of Houston Small Business Marketing comes into play. For years, we have been helping small to medium sized businesses who are competing in saturated markets get the spotlight they need to thrive, with thoughtful online marketing campaigns.


When you think about our modern society, one of the biggest changes we have seen in the last decade is the growing dependence we have on our smartphones and devices. They have become dynamic tools that help us throughout our days in a myriad of ways, from basic communication to building worlds of online communities, it is safe to say we are spending more time looking at our phone screens and smart devices than ever before. By utilizing the newest standards of search engine optimization, we are able to help your company reach real people, looking for your services. This type of marketing is highly efficient because we are able to target specific groups of people, in locations relevant to your business, that are online with the intent of choosing a company to work with.


Your company’s website plays a larger role than you might think when it comes to how many people see you online. Not only do you have to take into consideration the impression your website makes on those who visit it, you also have to take into consideration the way it is detected by Google’s forever evolving algorithm. When a website is designed properly, each image that is placed and every word of text that appears on the website is done so with the shared goal of making your website show up at the top of all relevant Google searches in your area.


Whenever your website has been properly designed, local customers who are looking for the particular services you offer will be directed to visit your website. By choosing to take a more passive role in your web development, you run the risk of losing potential customers to your competition. If the business you see as your main competition is investing time and resources into their web development, they will attract more customers to their website. The more customers you have visit your website, the higher you will rank, and the greater traffic you will see in your business. Let the SEO marketing team at Houston Small Business Marketing help you come up with a targeted online marketing campaign that pairs you with the right customers without breaking your budget.



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