Online Marketing Services in Houston TX

Online Marketing Services in Houston TX

At Houston Small Business Marketing, we work hard to help small and medium sized businesses get noticed online by customers who are looking for their services. We are able to do this by implementing efficient search engine optimization for our clients. Search engine optimization is the process of making your website and Google business listing fit into the algorithm Google has established. By doing this you are able to boost your company’s position online against competitor companies, increasing the traffic on your website Google business listing.


Search engine optimization requires a multifaceted approach to be successful. Your website must be properly designed, you must have keyword rich and original content on each page, you need to manage your Google business listing, manage major social media accounts, keep all directory listings consistent, receive and respond to reviews, and so much more! Busy business owners often can feel overwhelmed by these additional tasks, finding it hard to make time to run their business and manage their reputation online.


Houston Small Business Marketing helps companies grow organically by helping Google match locals to your website. Listed below are just some of the main services we offer our customers to help them stand out among their competitors:


-Web Development: Your website is generally the first thing potential customers will see. We help ensure our clients are making a strong and lasting first impression. Additionally, Google looks for mobile responsive websites with original and keyword rich content on each page within the site.


-Social Media Management: We create the following seven different social media accounts for your company: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Every post me make on your social media accounts will link back to your website, upping the traffic your website receives.


-Google Listing Management: Whenever it comes to developing and managing your Google listing online, you will need to create an account through Google My Business. This is not a one and done job, to have a properly developed Google Listing, you must manage your business listing by making weekly posts, adding new photos, receiving and responding to reviews, and much more.


We offer a wide variety of online marketing services in Houston, TX to our customers. If you have any questions or would like to explore your options for getting seen online, contact us today.



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