Online Marketing for Tax Consultants in Houston

Online Marketing for Tax Consultants in Houston

Houston is a massive city, with a large and diverse population making for a great market for business owners to set up shop. The opportunities in a city this size are endless, but what if you are in a market where the competition is steep? How do you ensure you are funneling in enough customers to be a successful business? The answer is the same as it has always been, with the help of marketing.


One consistency we have seen from marketing strategies for the better part of the last century is this, they are forever evolving. With the rise of technological advances we have seen marketing evolve drastically in the last twenty years.


It was not so long ago that the main sources we used to locate local businesses was phone books, newspapers ads, television ads, and word of mouth. These days, phone books and newspapers have become nearly extinct. Television ads have become more expensive and are typically reserved for national brands. So again, how does a local business stand out in 2018?


The answer probably won’t come as a surprise, but the best way to reach new customers is by utilizing the Internet! These days the internet is accessible through hundreds of different devices. Long ago are the days of dial-up, and single computer homes. In 2018, we all carry a personal computer around with us everywhere we go, our smartphones.


These smartphones play a very active role in many Americans lives. Studies suggest we spend over twice the amount of time staring at our phones as we do the television. This shows a massive switch in attention over the last decade.


At Houston Small Business Marketing we show business owners, such as Tax Consultants, how to get noticed in a saturated market. We do this through local SEO. This is the system in which determines your placement in online search results, on search engines such as Google. This system relies on an algorithm that determines which business are legitimate, and which are rated highly from consumers.


Don’t get left behind by your competitors, reach out to us today to explore your options for getting noticed online.


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