Not only is Houston the 4th most populated city in the country, it also is surrounded by massively populated suburban cities. This makes the communities of Houston very appealing for many professionals and industries looking to set up shop in a lucrative community with plenty of potential clients. If you are looking for a reliable Read More

Houston is the 4th most populated city, in the second largest state in the country. This is a very attractive quality, that appeals to all sorts of professionals and industries. If you are looking for a doctor to see, a lawyer to hire, or even the perfect Italian restaurant nearby, in Houston you will find Read More

At Houston Small Business Marketing, everything we do for our clients is to help improve their online visibility. We work to get you noticed online by meticulously planning out the design of your company website, in a way that optimizes your ability to appear under as many relevant search terms as possible. Once we have Read More

Google My Business is a powerful tool for controlling your business posting on Google. It is important to stay on top of your listing because it factors into your search engine result placement and is an open forum directory. This format means that anyone can make edits and changes to your listing.  Below is a Read More

Are you looking for a company that can increase your reach online? These days everyone spends their time time staring at their phones, either on social media or surfing the web. At Houston Small Business Marketing we show you how to utilize this to your advantage. We offer a wide range of services, all with Read More

These days it seems like everything we do begins online. This is no different when it comes to someone looking for a local restaurant, nail salon, cell phone repair shop, or any other place of business. This is why it is becoming increasingly more important to build your online presence and control the way you Read More

What Are Hashtags? Hashtags have become an effective method to connect people on social media who wish to communicate about the same topics. A hashtag can be used for a #single word, or a #GroupOfWords. They are also known as meta tags, helping brands to engage and interact with their brand.   Hashtag Guidelines:   Read More

Top Social Media Platforms Your Business Needs Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to build their online presence. Additionally, having well developed social media accounts will positively influence the way Google ranks your website and company. This makes social media crucial for businesses to get the most out of their online reach.   Read More

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important for businesses to stay relevant in our online obsessed world. We are living in the digital age, where social media marketing is growing into one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach a wider audience and in turn, more customers.   There are several things you can Read More

Everything we do at Houston Small Business Marketing is done with the common goal of getting your business noticed online. We do this through carefully planning the design of your website in a way that will optimize your reach online. Once your website is designed we develop several social media accounts for your business in Read More