Some Internet marketers will tell you that Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead.  Other’s say it is a vital part to getting seen on the Internet by potential customers. As a local business owner competing for valued customers, the need for a sound digital marketing plan is crucial to the success of your business. Read More

Local SEO is comparatively like the business of life; it requires constant improvement. Life improvement is only possible when it can be measured. In the business of Search Engine Optimization, measurement is critical to its success. There are a number of components and variables in assessing the success of local SEO. The complexity in measuring Read More

Web design is a forever evolving practice, that bends and adapts with new technologies and the needs of users online. This means websites that are not actively working to stay on top of trends can easily become outdated, causing them to fall behind by SEO standards and also fail to engage the users who visit Read More

At Houston Small Business Marketing we offer full inclusive web design services. Our web design services range from designing brand new websites for companies- to reworking their current website, to increase its SEO value. Any company, but especially one working within a saturated market will need a strong, properly formatted website in order to rank Read More

Digital trends are forever evolving to stay current and match the online user’s expectations and needs. Websites are especially in need of quick adaptations in their format, function, and style as designs online continue to enhance the user experience across the board.  If your website has not been updated in the last two years, there Read More

There was a time when Google Maps rankings were based on more basic information, such as proximity to the user and industry categories. These days Google is taking a more in-depth look into a business to determine where they will rank among their competitors. These new changes are great for small business who are competing Read More

Many people come to us asking, “Can I earn money from being a local guide for Google Maps?” The simple answer to this question is no. Google Maps Local Guides are not employed by Google, and there is not any money involved in this program. The Google Maps Local Guides Community is comprised of people Read More

Most online users’ experiences are determined by careful calculations working within Google’s algorithm. Google Maps works within this system to help users find local businesses, landmarks, and locations around them. In order to keep the information on Google Maps current, accurate, and relevant for all users- they have created the Google Local Guide feature.   Read More

At Houston Small Business Marketing, we work hard to help small and medium sized businesses get noticed online by customers who are looking for their services. We are able to do this by implementing efficient search engine optimization for our clients. Search engine optimization is the process of making your website and Google business listing Read More

Houston is a booming city, with a high concentration of people located within the city and also in the communities that surround it. This high population of people makes Houston a lucrative city for HVAC companies to set up shop. Unfortunately, one major setback that affects the HVAC industry is how saturated the market is Read More