The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO

Thinking of webpage rankings and what is the best strategy with getting the ranking you are aiming for, which is generally on the first page as close to the top as possible, there is a peculiar algorithm that is used to gain that spot.  The only thing is that there are multiple factors, and depending on which search engine you use depends on what is needed.


When you sit down and think about social media and its impact towards SEO, most people would figure that it either helps or it does nothing to help with ranking with search engines.  The truth of the matter is that it goes back to depending on which search engine you are speaking of.


The two largest search engines, Google and Bing! differ from one another when it comes to how a webpage is ranked when it comes down to the social media.  Each have their own algorithm that works with helping boost webpage search engine rankings.


As of June, of 2016, Matt Cutts with Google shared with us that with Google, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are treated like as regular webpages.  If anything happens on Facebook or Twitter and if Google’s crawlers can crawl the page, it will help with the boost of your webpages search engine rankings.


Keep in mind that content written throughout your website and/or blog posts are enticing, entertaining, and drawing in your audience.  Then social media is used to help promote and spread the word of your content.  Then the SEO is there to help make sure that your content and social media promoting is helping the improvement of your search engine ranking.


Going further into using social media to help boost SEO, studies have found that social media can impact your organic visibility and help leverage your SEO.  When you share, or tweet a blog post, social media can distribute that content throughout a wide audience.  With that, any likes and shares can help bring longer life into your content and reach more people through different connections.


When it comes down to indexation, having links directly to your content on your websites can speed the entire process up.  It also helps bring more traffic and new viewers to your website.  It helps you find out just which pieces of content are drawing more viewers to your website compared to other pieces so that you are able to better adjust your content strategy.


Brand recognition is important when it comes to a successful business, like the check mark with Nike or the target symbol that Target uses for their logo.  If you see just the check mark or just the red target, you know that they are referring to Nike or Target Store.  Having a strong, positive presence throughout social media can help reinforce and improve your brand recognition.


Say you pull up Google and type a branded keyword or phrase of some sort, at the top of the search you may see a few different social media profiles that correlate with the branded keyword or phrase.


And recently you will find that Google+ has been having a direct impact on rankings within the local searches.


No one can deny that these two components are tightly woven together and can share and help achieve the same ultimate goal which is attracting new viewers and users.


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