How Can I Improve My Local SEO

How Can I Improve My Local SEO?

If you are a business owner who is looking to explore your options for improving your marketing strategies, then you are probably already aware that the best way to advertise your company these days is online. Online marketing offers business owners the chance to advertise their companies in ways that have never been available before. To explain further, let’s compare other, outdated and inefficient options for advertising to online marketing. Whenever you run an ad, let us say on the radio or even in a newspaper, how much attention do you think it will get? Most people skip the radio station when ads play, or simply ignore ads on the sidebars of newspapers while reading the articles that interest them. Now, let us say you develop your company’s website and work to improve your search engine optimization. When done properly, anyone who searches in your local area for the services or goods you offer should be directed to a search results page that links your website. This means real potential customers, who already have shown an organic interest in finding a company like yours for their needs, are being sent to your website! This gives business owners the chance to target and expand their audiences online.


Listed below are some tips for how you can improve your local SEO:

Create and Optimize Your Google My Business Account: The first thing you will want to do is claim your business on Google My Business. By doing this you are establishing your presence on Google maps and on Google’s search engine for free. This is invaluable to your company because it literally puts you on the map and helps customers locate and learn about your business. Optimizing your Google My Business Account is an ongoing process that requires regular attention. The team at Houston Small Business Marketing provides optimization services to all of our clients to ensure they are doing everything they can to make their Google listing stand out among the competition.


Receive and Respond To Regular Reviews: Encouraging your customers to leave reviews about their experience working with your company can go a long way to increasing your website’s SEO. Additionally, it has been proven that customers are much more likely to choose to work with a business that has good reviews than one with no or bad reviews.


Google 360 Photos: One of the newest and most impactful ways for businesses to increase their SEO is by posting full Google 360 photos of their space. This allows customers to see the company ahead of time and in some cases even take a virtual tour. Additionally, Google ranks companies with these photos higher than ones without them.


The team of online marketing professionals at Houston Small Business have years of experience providing our customers with the absolute best and newest search engine optimization practices. Optimizing your company’s website is a forever ongoing and evolving process that helps business owners get in touch with real world customers. If you are looking to grow your business, contact Houston Small Business Marketing today. We will go over your website and let your know how we can help you to update your online brand so that you can dominant in saturated markets. 
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