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You might find yourself wondering, what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Even if you aren’t familiar with the terminology, if you’ve ever done a Google search for a local company, a service or an answer to a question and found what you were looking for, that is a product of effective SEO. Essentially, SEO is the process of improving search engine results to rank the most relevant and authoritative content highly. The higher the ranking is, the closer to the top of the search results it can be found. SEO has the power to grow your visibility online which allows you to develop internet presence, which in our modern world is very valuable. The more frequently a site appears in a search result, the more times the site is visited. The more visitors a site has, the higher the potential is to convert them into customers which is why SEO is such a powerful resource for businesses. Our goal at Houston Small Business Marketing is to help your business get noticed online. We work diligently to make your company’s website SEO friendly and provide Google with enough authoritative content to get you recognized as an expert in your field. 


Houston SEO Company 

Houston Small Business Marketing focuses primarily on small to medium sized businesses. We understand what it means to be on a budget and make it our mission to elevate your online presence through a mix of marketing avenues including but not limited to: website development with mobile friendly adaptive designs, email and content marketing, local search engine optimization and social media building, all custom tailored in an affordable plan for your business. 


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SEO is a forever evolving process. Google changes it’s standards to reflect the newest trends, if you aren’t mindful of this it is easy for your site to be lost in the sea of search engine results. Houston Small Business Marketing stays up to date on the latest ways Google tracks and ranks information, insuring your rank only grows the longer it’s around and isn’t left behind. 



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