How Do I Get More Patients For My Practice

How Do I Get More Patients For My Practice?

Are you a medical group or independent office looking to attract new patients? Whether you have a new medical practice or are simply looking to get more patients than you already have, working with an experienced online marketing team, such as the one at Houston Small Business Marketing, can help you get the results you are looking for. This is because our team is comprised of search engine optimization (SEO) experts. We work to help pair online users in your area, who are organically searching online for medical clinics, to your practice. This is done through meticulous website development, a dynamic social media presence, optimizing all Google related platforms- such as your Google listing, and by creating original and informative content in the form of a blog for your website. When all of these things are actively updating and engaging online, Google will recognize your business and improve your rank in search results for all relevant terms to the services you offer.

These days, the most popular way for potential patients to find doctors that match what they are looking for is by doing a simple Google search. These patients may be accessing Google through their phone, tablet, computer, or other smart device- making it important that your website is responsive to all of these platforms. Online searching has become this popular because not only does it tell us which businesses are local to us, it also offers in-depth information related to the business. This includes basics such as the address, contact information, and hours, but also gives us a chance to read reviews from real clients, see pictures of the location, and an overall feel for the company and those who are running it. This information is incredibly valuable for those who are investing their time and money into a service they need.


Having a medical practice in a city as large as Houston, even if you are located in a suburb of the city, can be difficult. This is because the medical industry is highly competitive. You can drive down any major road for 10 miles and come across one or more medical clinics looking for new patients. When you work with the digital marketing professionals at Houston Small Business Marketing, new clients will find you. We help to determine which searches your business should show up under and in which areas. This means, if you run a clinic that specializes in cardiology, we will set a range around your home and help to direct all traffic for searches related to heart health within that local range to your website. This is a much more effective marketing plan than others because you are getting in touch with locals who are already searching for the services your clinic offers.


If you are a medical group, medical clinic, medical practice, or any other medical business looking to increase your reach online and bring more customers in the door, Houston Small Business Marketing can help. Our team of online professionals can help you get the results you are looking for without breaking your budget. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can improve your placement on Google search results. 
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