What are the advantages of Google 360 Photos

What are the advantages of Google 360 Photos?

Everyone knows, a photo is worth a thousand words- so you can only imagine the value that comes with a Google 360 photo. If you have spent any time online browsing businesses, there is a good chance you have seen a fair share of Google 360 images. They offer the audience a new way to explore unfamiliar spaces limitlessly. If your company has yet to provide the option for 360 photos on your website or Google listing, you will be left behind by your competition. Customers like knowing what they are signing themselves up for before visiting a place. If they are looking for a cool new place to go out, they will be much more likely to choose a place with high quality images, well developed social media, and Google 360 photos- over one with low online interaction.


However, while it may seem like the main benefit of Google 360 photos is just allowing your customers the chance to look into your space, there are several other reasons to implement this new technology for your business.


When Google is deciding where to rank you among your competitors in search results online, there are many factors that come into play. Google wants to make sure they are pointing their users to companies they can trust to be reliable and helpful. When Google sees a company interacting online and going out of their way to fully establish themselves online- it helps to increase their online placement. Tools like fully developed social media accounts and Google 360 photos can go a long way for small and medium sized businesses struggling to stand out against major chains.


According to an article from Medium:


360 degree video ad banners have:

3x Higher Conversion (CTR, view -> click)

30% higher repeated view rate

70–300% increase in user engagement

Google Recently ran an advertising campaign where they pinned a normal video to a 360 virtual reality video, and found that 360 videos motivate viewers to watch more and interact.


Google implemented a new metric called the interaction rate, which measures if users tilt, scroll their phones around was higher than the view-through rates for the 60-second 360 ad. In conclusion, the 360 ad drove engagement via interactions, even if people didn’t watch 30 seconds or more!


Google’s 360 ad drove 41% more earned actions than the standard ad. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and iOS messenger listed among the traffic sources for the 360 version — but not for the normal version.


The full-length 360 video had a 46% higher view count at the end of our experiment than the standard full-length piece. As a result, the 360 ad was a more efficient buy since its cost-per-view was lower when organic and paid views were combined.


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