How will web design change in the future

How will web design change in the future?

Web design is a forever evolving practice, that bends and adapts with new technologies and the needs of users online. This means websites that are not actively working to stay on top of trends can easily become outdated, causing them to fall behind by SEO standards and also fail to engage the users who visit the site.


Some of the top trends we are expecting to see in the future of web design are as follows:


  1. Automated Coding: Artificial intelligence is beginning to make its mark on society, including when it comes to world of web development and design. The future will bring highly efficient, automated coding systems that work to stay up to date and offer new and innovative ways to access the internet. While this is something we expect to see grow in the next decade, the technology is not there yet.


  1. Card Designs: The increased use of card based designs, a growing fundamental material principle from Google, is a section of content that includes text, an image or video and is broken down into separate cards which allows a user to navigate through a site.  The UI cards can show a larger amount of data just on a piece of card. python Also, the UI cards also blend well with mobile responsive designs and works best on tablets and various browsers. Cards also allow businesses to build robust systems which develop and organises data, which includes various filters and sorting options, to cater to specific needs of users.


Web design plays a critical role in effective SEO marketing. For a successful web design your website should be created with SEO principles in mind. We work with our clients to design their websites in a way that will make it easy for Google to read and catalogue them. This helps users who are searching for the services you offer get directly linked to your website. Whenever you fail to design your website with the formative SEO principles in mind, you will struggle to rank high on search engine results, leading your competitors to get more online traffic than you. Don’t miss out on business because of your website’s design, instead contact the web developing experts at Houston Small Business Marketing today.



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