Things to Look Out for on Social Media

Things to Look Out for on Social Media

There are new trends every year that shape social networks and how we interact with each other. As a small business owner your social media presence helps you to specifically target an audience that is interested in your products or services.

Top 10 social media trends in 2023

The cookie finally gets debunked: Consumers are increasingly frustrated by the lack of privacy around third-party cookies. The report found 70 per cent of advertisers feel that digital advertising overall will take a step backward because of their removal.

Social media meets a new social standard: Consumers need to be able to trust the content they engage with, so expect 2023 to show an increased demand for integrity and authenticity that brands and social media channels will have to adapt to.

Decentralised networks: Consumers expect different levels of censorship and free speech. Expect to see social platforms tackling more of the issues consumers raise and possibly even putting more power back into the hands of their users.

Multi-sensory social media: Brands will invest in bringing sensory elements to digital experiences from gamification to fully immersive digital malls.

Social commerce: Consumers will be willing to explore new shopping channels.

The Metaverse: With a potential market of $800bn, expect even more players to join the contest in the coming months.

Predictive analytics: Predictive analytics is on the rise, with mentions up 20 per cent since January 2022.

The environment is no longer an afterthought: Consumers and brands will come together for impactful environmental change. Consumers don’t want to hear buzzwords like ‘sustainability’, ‘green’, or ‘net zero’.

Customer experience gets even more social: Social media will be the go-to place for brands to connect with customers. In 2023, expect more brands to create dedicated in-channel social media support channels.

Personas are over, think communities: Brands will move further away from personas and target their broader brand communities. In these spaces, it’s less about the influencer broadcasting content and more about the exchange between all community members.

Video will (still) dominate 

Marketers have been hearing it for years: “Video is the No. 1 content format brands need to leverage.” In 2023 this will still be the case, but fortunately for brands, it will be the scrappy, unpolished clips that attract audiences. Brands can ditch high-budget campaigns featuring celebrities. Instead, they will pick up a cell phone to record and edit their content experiences in-app. Instagram Reels are a prime example of less-polished, more authentic content paying off. Brands are publishing more Reels because they are seeing measurable results. According to a recent study, the interaction count for Reels was almost 40% higher than for traditional videos.

Even more enticing for marketers, the burden of video content creation doesn’t need to fall on in-house teams or agencies. More and more content creators are turning to platforms like TikTok to showcase products, giving brands an abundance of UGC to use in campaigns. With hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt growing to 32 billion views, it’s clear TikTok content has become a perfect fit for influencers and users to share their experiences in an engaging way. Brands will take this a step further in 2023 and get savvier about partnering with video-first influencers who can help amplify messages relevant to audiences while helping scale production.

Brands will invest more in TikTok advertising 

Brand success on TikTok will not be isolated to UGC. The platform is doubling down on revenue generation with more digital advertising opportunities. As a relatively new platform, TikTok is seeing tremendous results owning the title of the world’s fastest-growing media app, and has experienced in-app consumer spending to the tune of more than $2.5 billion. Boasting nearly 30 million daily active users globally, it’s no wonder that brands are beginning to explore the TikTok’s potential – not only in generating brand awareness but in its ability to contribute to the bottom line.

The brands that have tapped into TikTok advertising are already seeing promising results. According to a recent study conducted by Triple Whale, brands increased their spending on the platform by 231% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same time period the year before. And even more impressive, the same study found that direct-to-consumer brands leveraging TikTok were generating $1 million to $5 million dollars in revenue.

In 2023, we will see an increase in the number of brands and industries putting more of their digital advertising budget towards TikTok, which will in turn drive more innovations on the platform and lead to more TikTok marketing opportunities within the digital advertising space.

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