Do Online Reviews Affect MY SEO

Do Online Reviews Affect MY SEO?

Many businesses find themselves asking “How can we improve our SEO organically?” One of the best answers, outside of having a fully developed website with a regularly updated blog, is by working on getting positive reviews left by your customers. Google Reviews help businesses improve their search rankings, which in turn helps their overall SEO efforts. While is an unlimited list of variables that can be taken into account when determining who will be at the top of search ranking, without a doubt online customer reviews help to establish your ranking at the top of search engines like Google. This widely has to do with the system in which Google chooses which companies seem most trustworthy. Whenever the Google algorithm picks up on the fact that real online users are sharing positive experiences they have had interacting with your company, this will enormously impact the way they see your company and your website.


Google strives to provide its users with the most relevant, trustworthy, and reliable authority figures online. What this means is, whenever Google knows you are searching for a local business, they do everything they can to ensure the company you are being paired with has a strong history of providing users with what they are looking for from your website. These days online marketing strategies are more competitive than ever before, leading to a stronger need for your company to collect positive online reviews in order to demonstrate your value and authority in your industry.


Why Do Reviews Impact My Company’s SEO?

The first thing we think of when considering the SEO placement of your company’s website is rarely the online reviews left by customers. This however is an oversight from business owners and online marketing professionals alike. The reason is, while rising to the top of search results will always be the goal with SEO- you can never overlook the importance of offering your clients the chance to read real world testimonials from other customers. Whenever trying to select a company to contract out for work, a place to visit, or a product to buy- looking to online reviews can be an excellent tool for those trying to make the best selection for their needs.


When you work with the online marketing professionals at Houston Small Business Marketing, you can rest easy knowing we are doing everything we can in order to help you dominate local search results in your area. We stay on top of all online marketing trends so you do not have to. We want to help business owners focus on the things that really matter, such as running and growing their business, and keeping their customers as satisfied as possible.


The team of online marketing professionals at Houston Small Business have years of experience providing our customers with the absolute best and newest search engine optimization practices. Optimizing your company’s website is a forever ongoing and evolving process that helps business owners get in touch with real world customers. If you are looking to grow your business, contact Houston Small Business Marketing today. We will go over your website and let your know how we can help you to update your online brand so that you can dominate in saturated markets. 
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