Is local SEO DEAD

Is local SEO DEAD?

Some Internet marketers will tell you that Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead.  Other’s say it is a vital part to getting seen on the Internet by potential customers. As a local business owner competing for valued customers, the need for a sound digital marketing plan is crucial to the success of your business. Experts say the competitive advantage begins with a comprehensive local SEO plan.


Local SEO started with the objective of utilizing measures to get your website seen by Internet users.  Those measures involved identifying your company through 3 key factors. First, an Organic Internet search:  Individuals who are searching for a specific service or item. These include searches with certain geo qualifiers, such as city, state, zip code, etc., and ‘near me’ searches, where Google picks up the geo-location of the person and provides search results from that area.


Organic searches also rely on keywords, those words that used to locate the product or service.  Second, referrals: Other websites (directories) that guide Internet searchers to a website that provides the product or service with the Internet users search.   Last, reviews: written opinions of customers detailing their experience with your business. Reviews are posted with your opinion and a Google rating.


Local SEO is important, particularly if you have a business with a brick-and-mortar store, or one that provides a service in a certain locality. According to a study done by Forbes, 95% of smartphone users have used their device to perform local searches, 61% of those users called the business, 59% visited or requested the service.  Astoundingly, Search Engine Watch found that 70% of mobile users click to call a business directly from Google search results.


Many local searches originate from non-locals who are searching for a business like yours, and with local SEO done right, your business can capture that audience. For example, if your restaurant has free Wi-Fi or is pet-friendly, displaying that information as part of your local SEO will attract customers who are looking for just that.


The most important concept of local SEO is configuring your company’s Internet presence.  It should include exactly what you do, your location, phone number and everything you want the public to know.  Today, Internet marketing companies are using more tools to get their clients seen on the Internet. This still includes the basic principals of Local SEO. Which concludes that local SEO is don’t dead, more specifically its been Optimized.


Local SEO is a vital part of your business’ Internet marketing. You can better manage your online presence, and build up your client base by adding an SEO company to your marketing team.   It will not only boost your local SEO but also increase your organic search engine rankings for your site and over your competitors. 

At Houston Small Business Marketing (HOUSBM), our local SEO Houston digital experts will help develop an effective Internet marketing campaign strategy. Your campaign will include SEO techniques such as Google maps marketingcontent marketingpay per click managementreputation managementsocial media marketing, and web design. Houston Small Business Marketing is designed to provide affordable Internet marketing services. We specialize in working intimately with small and medium-sized businesses. For customized Houston Internet marketing strategies, contact our office.



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