Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston

Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston

These days, whenever we are looking for a company that provides a service, or offers a product, what do we do? Most of us turn to our digital device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, computer- or something else, to do a quick Google search. It has been found that most people will find the company they want to work with within the first five search results. If your company’s website is not appearing at the top of Google Search Results you are not reaching as many potential customers as you can. By not utilizing SEO and other digital marketing tactics, you are putting money in the pocket of your competition.


What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston Provide?

Website Development: Online, your website is generally the first chance you get to grab a potential customer’s attention. This is why it is so critical for your website to make a strong, positive first impression. Additionally, Google looks for a certain criteria to determine where it will rank your listing among the competition. Mobile responsive designs, that are updated with original and keyword rich content will help get you to the top of Google Search Results- ultimately, connecting you with a wider audience.


Social Media Management: We develop and manage the following six different social media accounts for your company: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Every post made on your social media accounts will link back to your website. This will increase the traffic your website receives, ultimately raising your placement in search results.


Google Listing Management: Whenever it comes to developing and managing your Google listing online, you will need to create an account through Google My Business. In order to have a well-developed Google Listing, you must manage your business listing by making weekly posts, adding new photos, receiving and responding to reviews, and much more.


Google 360 Photos: Help customers see the space you work in by providing Google 360 photos on your website and Google listing. These in-depth looks into your work space can give potential customers a reason to choose to work with your company. They also help to optimize your listing, which also will help your ranking with Google.


Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency in Houston?

Houston is a massive city, and the host to countless successful small and large businesses. While this is great for consumers, a market this saturated with quality competition can be a challenge for small business owners. It can be easy for your small business to be shadowed by large companies with prominent reputations. Working with a digital marketing agency, such as Houston Small Business Marketing, can give your small business the ability to compete with larger chains. We work to connect our clients with their local market by staying current with SEO standards; developing and managing social media accounts, across all major platforms; optimizing your Google Business Listing; and more.


Houston Small Business Marketing is the leader when it comes to full service Digital Marketing Agencies in Houston. We work to help business owners with a passion for what they do succeed. We understand the struggles that come with running a small to medium sized business. Let us help get you in-touch with customers who organically are searching for the goods and services you provide, without breaking your budget. We continuously research and produce new and original content for your business, keeping an edge on the competition and your phone ringing.


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