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Houston Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is an effective way of using advertising that appears at the top of search engine results to generate clicks that bring traffic to your website. They normally appear above Google’s search results page and are marked a yellow label, that will include the word “Ad” or “Sponsored.”

Business owners pay for these ads to appear at the top of searches that are relevant to their services or goods. Every time one of these ads are clicked by someone viewing search results, they will be directed to your website, and you will pay the search engine a small fee for the referral. When you work with the Houston, pay-per-click marketing strategist at HOUSBM, we will create a well-designed and thoughtful PPS campaign that makes this small fee a well spent expense.

What the importance of Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-click marketing allows your content to compete with businesses who have established themselves as major players in your industry. This is because it puts you at the top of search results for keywords that potential clients are searching for. It is not necessary to use pay-per-click advertising but it is a good way to get ahead of the competition while you organically grow your online presence through effective search engine optimization and social media marketing.

At HOUSBM, our Houston, pay-per-click marketing strategist will help make a custom tailored marketing campaign for your business. We will research your competition and determine the most lucrative terms you will benefit from your site showing up above.

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“Houston Small Business Marketing designed a website for my company and I can’t be more pleased with the results. They took everything I wanted to be on it and turned it into an effective website that is very easy to navigate ultimately resulting in an increase in business.

I highly recommend them to design a website for your company! You definitely will not be disappointed!”

Jennifer Abadie



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You can set your own budget and track the progress of your ads through your Google Local Business page. This helps you determine if it is an effective strategy for your business.

We will work with you to customize and manage a PPC campaign that targets your specific clientele.

You will be able to track your ad to see how many people are clicking, when they are clicking, and what searches are making them click.

PPC is effective because the audience it brings to your ad were already searching for the goods or services you offer.

By a general rule, you want to work with Google. However, there are certain types of businesses that may be better suited for PPC on other sites. We will work with you to decide what is best for you.


Convenient Monthly Payment Plan

As you gain more business through us, your business will expand, allowing you to do more online. Forget humongous upfront costs, we’ll setup a convenient monthly payment plan for you.

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