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Google Local SEO Houston

Internet marketing is becoming increasingly more important for local companies in Houston, Texas. As the business market grows, the competition within different industries does as well. This makes your visibility online more important than ever. Focusing on your placement in search engine rankings is a sure-fire way to reach more customers.

When it comes to your placement on local rankings, you want to be on Google’s good side. The first step to getting you on the right track is to add your business listing to Google My Business. This is a place for you to share information about your business, such as, the name of your company, the industry you work in, your location, contact information, business hours, and other important bits of information potential customers will need when looking for your services online. The Houston, Google Local Business, marketing experts at HOUSBM, will make sure you are getting the most out of your Google business profile by fully building it out with current and complete information.

The key to effective local marketing is consistency. Our Houston, Google Local Business, marketing experts will go through all of your directory listings and pages ensuring your company name, address, and phone number are the exact same everywhere that they appear. Even if you are just being mentioned on another website, it is critical for your listing to be identical to the others.

Google Maps SEO Houston

People are constantly online, using computers, tablets, and smartphones to connect to local businesses throughout their community. To stay relevant among the growing competition in Google Local Maps, your Google Business listing needs to be properly built out with a focus on specific keyword driven terms that people around you will be searching for on Google, when looking for services or goods your company offers.

Establishing a fully developed and accurate Google business page that transcends into high local rankings, takes time and quite a bit of work. At HOUSBM, we know not every company has the time, ability, or resources required to improve your local rankings. This is why our Houston, Google Local Business, marketing professionals are here for you.

Our experienced and knowledgeable local online marketing staff will take the guesswork out of local SEO. If your business listing on Google needs to be rescued from the lower pages of the search results, contact us. Our Google Local Marketing Houston experts have got you covered. Schedule an appointment with us today to find out more about how we can get your local business rankings at the top of Google search results.







“Houston Small Business Marketing designed a website for my company and I can’t be more pleased with the results. They took everything I wanted to be on it and turned it into an effective website that is very easy to navigate ultimately resulting in an increase in business.

I highly recommend them to design a website for your company! You definitely will not be disappointed!”

Jennifer Abadie



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Local results appear for those who search for businesses near their location. These results are shown on maps and search results. If you searched for “coffee shop” you will be directed to a list of local businesses serving coffee. By improving your Google Local Business page, you will rank higher on these results.

There is a process once you have completed your Google Local Business page that we can help you with in order to have your page verified by Google.

Content marketing is a vital key to success in today’s digital age. Valuable content helps determine what your customers want and need.

Businesses, content marketing is a vital key to success in today digital age. Valuable content helps determine what your customers want and need.


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